Persecutor – Out now


Darkstone’s first release in over three years

…and also the first release to feature Loz on vocals

It’s been a while since 2019’s Kings of the Condemned. Between breaking in a new vocalist and that Covid thing, along with various other life related issues, things have progressed slowly.

However, Darkstone are now back with a new single and a harder sound.

Persecutor, or the bones of it at least, was written by Si many years ago, but it’s taken Loz’s new lyrics and angelic voice, and a lot of polishing to get this track to what it is today.

This is also the the first track that has been (almost) self produced. The drums were recorded at Redwall Studios in Bury, but Simon tracked his own bass, and all other recording, mixing and production took place in a dingy corner of Si’s loft, affectionately known as TSM Studios.

Persecutor is available now on all Bandcamp and all other major streaming platforms

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