Kings of the Condemned Out Now

Kings of the Condemned

Great news everyone! Darkstone’s debut EP, Kings of the Condemned is now available to stream on all major platforms, as well as here on our site.

If you prefer to get your hands on a physical product, you can also get this on CD in a lovely digipack with lots of pictures. You can either grab one at one of our gigs, or head over to the store to order one for delivery at a very reasonable price.

On another note, we lost a good friend this month. Lorraine was a great support to the music scene in Bury, and without the opportunities that she provided to us (along with many other local bands) this production would most likely not have been possible.

As mentioned on the CD cover, we would like to dedicate this release to Lorraine. It’s only a small gesture, but it’s one of many things that can be done to remember the mark she made on so many people’s lives.

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