Darkstone are not the “next big thing.” Neither will they ever be “critically acclaimed” nor “modern classics,” and the only way that they may potentially “cause a stir” would probably be brew related.

Clich├ęs aside, these four guys from the North side of Manchester have somehow managed to pool their years of experience and wide range of musical influences to create something rather good.

From punk to prog, to classical, to classic rock, to thrash metal, there’s signs of everything in there, sometimes even within a single song.

Just imagine some heavy, grinding riffs. Add some wandering basslines, a few guitar harmonies and crystal clear passages. Layer that with powerful, soaring vocals, and some incredibly agile drumming, and you might get close.

In fact, stop imagining and just listen.

Darkstone don’t want to be famous. They don’t want to make money. They just want to write music, and get out there and play it to you. Go on. Listen to their music. See them live. You know you want to.


The story of Darkstone started in 2013. Si had a few tracks recorded onto his laptop and wanted to do something with them.Through a mutual friend, he met Simon, who at the time was in a covers band but wanted to do some original rock or metal.

They initially jammed with members of Simon’s covers band but due to some differences in musical taste the line up didn’t work out.

However, Si and Simon decided to continue, and during the following months, they wrote and refined their music and sound. With a number of completed tracks, the next step was to find a singer and a drummer.

After attempting to audition several vocalists that didn’t work out (mainly as a result of them just not turning up!) Si remembered Richard. While they had been acquainted for some years, and Si had been impressed by his vocal talents at a previous event, the connection had never been made.

So Richard was given a couple of tunes to listen to, and soon after that, he was inducted. What started as a “project” got closer to being a band. As an added bonus, Richard is an accomplished songwriter.

After auditioning a few drummers that didn’t work out (due to inability to play in time, mental breakdowns, the band being too loud, or just not metal enough!), Dion was discovered after having posted on a popular classifieds site.

He liked the sound, and it turned out he could actually play really well. They were finally getting there.

Darkstone often wondered how a second guitarist could make a difference, that’s where Phil came in. With more experience in the blues and classic rock veins, he added a different dimension to the band’s sound.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments with Bad River, he decided that he couldn’t commit to the band, and they were sad to see him leave.

Finally, the Darksone decided to forge ahead as a 4 piece and the lineup was complete!

Richard -Darkstone - UK based metal band

Richard Powell


Influences – Dio, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple

Simon - Darkstone - Metal band from North West England

Simon Priestland


Influences – Dream Theatre, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Riverside

Dion - Drummer of Darkstone, UK based metal band

Dion Mills


Influences – Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Queens of the Stoneage, The Offspring

Si - Guitarist at Darkstone

Si Pendlebury


Influences – Annihilator, Machine Head, Alice In Chains, Killing Joke