KOTC is out, and they seem to like it

Kings of the Condemned

A month after release, we’ve had a few reviews, and so far the general opinion is positive.

Chris Ward, reviewer for The Unknown Scene, and guitarist and vocalist with Viral Strain likes it.

In his words, “Kings of the Condemned can only be described in one word: astounding! The EP features all round great performances and production. The bass and vocals really cut through the mix without being detrimental to the tone of the roaring guitars. I love the constant clash of hard rock, heavy metal, thrash, and prog that culminate in something spectacular throughout the EP.”

Nikolaos Parastatidis from Behind the Veil likes it, and gives it 8/10.

“In their first release, DARKSTONE presents a multi-tuned sound that goes back to the tradition of old-fashioned rock / heavy metal without even ignoring the modern developments of our sound. The release has fresh, fine compositions and shows that the band will enjoy us with its releases in the future. “

Rifftastic like it (maybe not quite as much, but still…), and gave it 6/10.

“Darkstone are old school rock and metal hybrid from the UK that sounds like it was ripped straight from the 80s with modern twist! … From the get go this EP has a definitive old school raw sound and it only benefits it these guys don’t need to hide behind big production and FX”

When we get feedback like this, and people like what we are doing, it makes us feel nice.

We’re glad you guys like it.

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