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Well, that sounds dramatic, doesn’t it.

In October 2019, Richard decided to leave the band due to time constraints. This was about a month after the release of Kings of the Condemned. Although he was a valued member of the band and a good friend, and it’s always a ballache to find a new band member, the timing wasn’t too much of an issue.

We had already planned a couple of months out due to another of the band members having one of their internal organs sucked out through a small hole, so this gave us time to regroup and find a replacement.

Say hello to Loz.

Loz replied to an advert on a well known website used to find people to join your band. He sent us a couple of demos and that was it.

We’ve now had a couple of rehearsals with him, and we’re amazed at the dedication of this guy and the speed he is picking up the existing tunes. He’s even banged out lyrics to another couple of songs over the last few weeks, and they’re good.

Oh, and did I mention, he’s a really f#@king good singer?

We were going to hold out until February before we started gigging again then we could get a few more sessions in with Loz, but we realised that we didn’t actually need to.

Our first gig with Loz is in Manchester on the 14th January. Stay tuned for more details \m/

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