Gig report

Well then, what’s been happening in the world of Darkstone?

Hartbeatz Festival

This run of gigs started with the Hartbeatz Festival at The White Hart, Fullwood, Preston. This was a weekend fundraiser for St Catherine’s Hospice and Cystic Fibrosis Trust. On arriving for our set, we were told that the act before us was late, and we needed to play early, so we jumped on stage, quickly set up and got stuck in.

As with any general music festival, there was always the risk that we wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, being to the meatier side of rock. Regardless, we went down well and were asked to play a couple more tunes. The mix of our own tracks and a few covers worked. Good times were had by all and we’re due back there soon.


Now, the gig with Revenged didn’t happen. We got the venue to be told that it had been cancelled. Frustrating, but couldn’t be helped. Hopefully we’ll be back at BarMetro.Rocks before too long.


Next was Glaston-Bury. We had planned a set consisting purely of our own tunes. Ignoring a slight technical issue part way through our set (which I’m not sure if anyone actually noticed), everything went to plan. To quote a member of the audience, “The first half was good, the second was epic!”


Then came our first headline gig at Retro Lounge Bar. We managed a setlist of over 90 minutes consisting our own songs and covers of bands ranging from Led Zep and Sabbath, right through to Pantera and Megadeth. And then by request, we carried on, closing with beefed up versions of the Foo’s Best of You and GnR’s Welcome to the Jungle.

Great night in a great venue. We’re back there in December.

Check out the video here.

Live @ Retro